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3AM Teacher
This blog has many helpful tips when it comes to creating something like what you should do to create a fresh new look. This is so that you are able to create something to benefit the project and not use the same boring thing over and over again. When allowing children to express themselves through creativity, we are able to see and understand who they really are as a person. Activities can also help students understand problem salving as well as what they enjoy doing the most in the classroom.

Sunny Days in Second Grade
When researching this blog I have discovered this person teaches gifted students and her struggles of finding materials that are able to help with problem solving. Also when teachers are able to introduce a new book or activity the students are able to become more drawn in and more interested in whats going on around them. This teacher provides step by step instructions in introducing a project and what might be good for other teachers to use for there students. Organization is also a big part when introducing a new activity because you would not want to have your students become confused and overwhelmed.

Teach 123
This teacher has explained to me the struggles of becoming a teacher because books can be helpful for all students, but can also be very expensive. There is also a helpful guide in finding cheaper ways to get the books a teacher may need for the classroom. A helpful tool to create well maintained structure in the classroom is to make sure students and teachers are on there own level so that students know they need to fallow the rules like at home. All activities and groups need to be organized in a way for teachers, parents, and students are able to understand where things are and need to go in the classroom.

2nd Grade Shenanigans
This teacher has came up with strategies that has helped students become more engaged in there learning. There are many options for students to meet there needs like having little activities attached to the wall for students to salve the little problem before starting class in the morning. This blog has helped me come up with strategies to come up with fast easy techniques for creating activities that can benefit students. This blog has many helpful pictures to allow me to have a better understanding of what each section is about for the activity.


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