Assessment Technology

There are many ways we can use student-centered technology in the classroom to show students how interesting learning can be. These days when teachers stand up in the front of there class and start teaching students then realize that its going to get boring really fast. With technology students can become more engaged in the information that is being taught to them because they can look at a video or powerpoint, something that has made it more interesting for them. It is a plus that there are still so many students that are eager to learn and it doesn’t take much to get them to understand the information. Technology plays a big role in the learning process because there are so many students that are visual learners and that means that by seeing the information they have a better chance to understand what the teacher has been teaching them. “Do-it-yourself, student-to-student teaching, project-based learning, and student-centered learning environments are some of the more encouraging programs”(Paul, 2011). We should take this into consideration because it shows students that they are able to teach themselves information and in the end they are able to study information better for tests. These tests are to help teachers see how well there students understood all the information and if the teachers should improve on anything by how they teach. Technology is a good tool for teachers to use because it is able to graph out the test scores and see what there students average is for there class.
Student-centered learning is when students take responsibility for there own learning and in the future show that they are able to salve real life problems. There are also tasks that students can do to create higher order thinking skills. Teachers can incorporate technology to help students best serve there learning journeys and make things more interesting. “Technology allows for an unprecedented level of personalized learning, with valuable opportunities to monitor progress and engagement, follow student thinking, and digitally assess competencies. When schools effectively leverage both technology and pedagogy, both students and teachers become empowered to make decisions about their own learning and teaching”(ISTE, 2015). When we think about it we can see that this short statement explains what it is that we need to know about student-centered technology in the classroom and why its important. There are many ways to teach students and these ways are changing so much every year. “Effective teaching and learning takes place under many different conditions. Like in-class instruction, the efficacy of teaching is evidenced by evidence that students have improved their knowledge, understanding, procedural and cognitive skills as a result of the learning experiences”(Meg, 2015). This is why we should engage our students in things that we know will benefit there learning process and future problem solving.
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