Presentation Technology

When we think about how technology has changed over the years we then can see how it affects the teaching process because educational technologies in the 20th century include lantern-slide and opaque projectors, later radio, and then motion pictures. These things are what teachers used to make information interesting so students can focus better on what the teacher is trying to teach them. Technology in the classroom is important because students use it outside the classroom as well. That means that they are already familiar with most devices and helps them work on assignments better in the classroom. Technology can help students be more engaged and ready to learn, without technology students can become bored. Students are also less likely to act out because they are willing to pay attention. The classroom is a place to learn and stay focused and technology can help do that so students can stay focused.
Technology can also improve the lesson by making it more interesting and students can engage in the activities in more then one way. Students can practice working with there classmates and have fun creating interesting things about the topic to share with there classmates like powerpoints. Teachers also have more options to put a lesson plan together to make it more understandable for the students by using technology that they have access to in the classroom. Presentations that teachers make on there computers can give students a short amount of info that is needed and important to the lesson and the colorful layouts that the information is on can draw students to it. “Technology can help pave the way for both faculty and students, but only if the instructor “is adept at creating a course that capitalizes on the pedagogical benefits that technology facilitates in helping students meet the desired learning outcomes for the course,” said Ike Shibley”(Mary, 2011). This explains that technology helps students meet the standards that they should and helps them understand things that can help them in the future.
According to a survey teachers did in 2013 it was shown that three-quarters of the students did better in school because of the help of technology. This is because teachers can teach a variety of learning styles like students that learn better when they are able to see whats going on. “This is allowing educators to demonstrate something they could not show in any other way. Yet as technology changes rapidly, teachers need support in adapting their practice, and school principals need support to help teachers use technology” (Ed, 2014). Teachers also need to learn how to use the technology before they decide to teach there students.

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