Technology to Support Communication

Technology can be used to enhance the communication between parents, students, and the global community in the classroom by introducing new things from around the world. It has been proven that when parents and other caregivers are engaged in the education process, students tend to do better in school. It is important that we try to connect the classroom and home learning environments so students are able to ask the questions they may need answered on homework problems. Also if parents have a question about any school activities or issues of what there children need to be doing when they get home from school that can help there learning process. Home-school communication can improve students achievement through better communication between parents/guardians and teachers. For example, when children have there parents to go to for help and questions they feel safe to ask there parents anything. Students will do better in school if they are able to have more people to communicate with for information about there homework or anything else they may has issues with about class work.
Global communication with technology is something that can be helpful in the classroom because it shows students a range of places and people. Getting to know a place or a person over the internet can show them just how different we all are. There are many people that like to learn new things about the places they would like to visit one day, also to understand the culture and religion. Technology plays a big role with being able to communicate with people that live far away like family, friends, or even a pen pal. When in school there are times that having a pen pal can be a interesting thing because students can learn allot about that person that lives in a new country. Also helps students learn how to put together a understanding letter for the other person. “To be successful in the workplace tomorrow, students must know how to interactively collaborate with peers locally as well as globally”(Bob 2009). When we learn to interact with people locally and globally it gives us the ability to understand others and helps us interact as well. The students these days are growing up with the option to communicate with the wider world better then most parents and teachers because they didn’t really have the technology to do so with people far away.
Communication gives parents and teachers the ability to talk about a student without them having to take time out of there busy days because there are some parents that can seam to find free time to drive to there child’s school. Teachers can also talk to more then one parent at a time and if the student was bad the parent can get the information right away. Its important for parents to ask questions about there students because it gives them a idea of how they are doing in school and keeps parents on track at home with what there children should be working on the most.

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