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3AM Teacher
This blog has many helpful tips when it comes to creating something like what you should do to create a fresh new look. This is so that you are able to create something to benefit the project and not use the same boring thing over and over again. When allowing children to express themselves through creativity, we are able to see and understand who they really are as a person. Activities can also help students understand problem salving as well as what they enjoy doing the most in the classroom.

Sunny Days in Second Grade
When researching this blog I have discovered this person teaches gifted students and her struggles of finding materials that are able to help with problem solving. Also when teachers are able to introduce a new book or activity the students are able to become more drawn in and more interested in whats going on around them. This teacher provides step by step instructions in introducing a project and what might be good for other teachers to use for there students. Organization is also a big part when introducing a new activity because you would not want to have your students become confused and overwhelmed.

Teach 123
This teacher has explained to me the struggles of becoming a teacher because books can be helpful for all students, but can also be very expensive. There is also a helpful guide in finding cheaper ways to get the books a teacher may need for the classroom. A helpful tool to create well maintained structure in the classroom is to make sure students and teachers are on there own level so that students know they need to fallow the rules like at home. All activities and groups need to be organized in a way for teachers, parents, and students are able to understand where things are and need to go in the classroom.

2nd Grade Shenanigans
This teacher has came up with strategies that has helped students become more engaged in there learning. There are many options for students to meet there needs like having little activities attached to the wall for students to salve the little problem before starting class in the morning. This blog has helped me come up with strategies to come up with fast easy techniques for creating activities that can benefit students. This blog has many helpful pictures to allow me to have a better understanding of what each section is about for the activity.


Assessment Technology

There are many ways we can use student-centered technology in the classroom to show students how interesting learning can be. These days when teachers stand up in the front of there class and start teaching students then realize that its going to get boring really fast. With technology students can become more engaged in the information that is being taught to them because they can look at a video or powerpoint, something that has made it more interesting for them. It is a plus that there are still so many students that are eager to learn and it doesn’t take much to get them to understand the information. Technology plays a big role in the learning process because there are so many students that are visual learners and that means that by seeing the information they have a better chance to understand what the teacher has been teaching them. “Do-it-yourself, student-to-student teaching, project-based learning, and student-centered learning environments are some of the more encouraging programs”(Paul, 2011). We should take this into consideration because it shows students that they are able to teach themselves information and in the end they are able to study information better for tests. These tests are to help teachers see how well there students understood all the information and if the teachers should improve on anything by how they teach. Technology is a good tool for teachers to use because it is able to graph out the test scores and see what there students average is for there class.
Student-centered learning is when students take responsibility for there own learning and in the future show that they are able to salve real life problems. There are also tasks that students can do to create higher order thinking skills. Teachers can incorporate technology to help students best serve there learning journeys and make things more interesting. “Technology allows for an unprecedented level of personalized learning, with valuable opportunities to monitor progress and engagement, follow student thinking, and digitally assess competencies. When schools effectively leverage both technology and pedagogy, both students and teachers become empowered to make decisions about their own learning and teaching”(ISTE, 2015). When we think about it we can see that this short statement explains what it is that we need to know about student-centered technology in the classroom and why its important. There are many ways to teach students and these ways are changing so much every year. “Effective teaching and learning takes place under many different conditions. Like in-class instruction, the efficacy of teaching is evidenced by evidence that students have improved their knowledge, understanding, procedural and cognitive skills as a result of the learning experiences”(Meg, 2015). This is why we should engage our students in things that we know will benefit there learning process and future problem solving.
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Kindergarten Creative Art

Answer Key:

1. A. Red, Blue

2. B. A repeated decorative design

3. Orange

4. Purple

5. A. Blue, Green

This assessment is to help teachers understand what there students strengths are and what it is they need to work more on with there students so they are able to understand the basics of Creative Arts/ Arts and crafts. This quiz is to be used as a Formative assessment because it doesn’t affect there grade if they get answers wrong, its to help understand what it is that your student know.

Student Centered Technology

The technology in the classroom is to help students with there learning process and gives teachers a range of learning opportunities to work with wile creating lessons. Teachers are responsible for juggling the knowledge of there students and making sure that they have the insights of there learning progress. “This student-centered approach empowers students to build up their knowledge and enables them to think critically, work in teams and solve problems collectively. Students are always enthusiastic and demonstrate positive attitudes towards the student-centered learning environment”(Saomya, 2013). This shows that students are capable of building there knowledge on there own, but they just need the technical motivation to assist the way they understand things. For example power points because it help students become more engaged in there work and help them understand the lesson and material better. Interactive online assignments can help students learn things themselves, they can fix things that they made mistakes on, and be responsible for their own learning. Its a plus for students to work on group online assignments because it helps them to explore there topic and become social with other students in there group.

The students that attend classrooms that have the option of technology are able to work with many powerful tools that can assist them with there learning. The learning process that teachers use has been rapidly changing and the thought of students sitting in there seats and the teacher is just talking about the topic to them is now becoming strange because we have so many other ways to engage students in the learning process. The only problem is that its strange for teachers to think students can learn on there own because they are there to teach the students.

Technology is a helpful tool that helps teachers give the material students need so they can work on there assignment and attempt to teach themselves and also become motivated to learn. “When educators can design learning environments well enough, students will be able to learn mostly on their own. In an environment where the educator is respected for their expertise, and appreciated for their faith in the student’s abilities, they will be asked for their help, encouragement and clarification when the student needs it. In turn, the students are appreciated for their willingness to take responsibility, become involved, and do the work needed to succeed”(Paul, 2011). Students can do there best to get there work done on there own, but when they struggle they should always know they can ask the teacher anything because that’s what they are there for. A student uses 360lb of paper a year and by doing there work online they are able to cut down on paper usage. This is just one plus side for technology and for that there are still so many other reasons why it should be in all classrooms.


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Presentation Technology

When we think about how technology has changed over the years we then can see how it affects the teaching process because educational technologies in the 20th century include lantern-slide and opaque projectors, later radio, and then motion pictures. These things are what teachers used to make information interesting so students can focus better on what the teacher is trying to teach them. Technology in the classroom is important because students use it outside the classroom as well. That means that they are already familiar with most devices and helps them work on assignments better in the classroom. Technology can help students be more engaged and ready to learn, without technology students can become bored. Students are also less likely to act out because they are willing to pay attention. The classroom is a place to learn and stay focused and technology can help do that so students can stay focused.
Technology can also improve the lesson by making it more interesting and students can engage in the activities in more then one way. Students can practice working with there classmates and have fun creating interesting things about the topic to share with there classmates like powerpoints. Teachers also have more options to put a lesson plan together to make it more understandable for the students by using technology that they have access to in the classroom. Presentations that teachers make on there computers can give students a short amount of info that is needed and important to the lesson and the colorful layouts that the information is on can draw students to it. “Technology can help pave the way for both faculty and students, but only if the instructor “is adept at creating a course that capitalizes on the pedagogical benefits that technology facilitates in helping students meet the desired learning outcomes for the course,” said Ike Shibley”(Mary, 2011). This explains that technology helps students meet the standards that they should and helps them understand things that can help them in the future.
According to a survey teachers did in 2013 it was shown that three-quarters of the students did better in school because of the help of technology. This is because teachers can teach a variety of learning styles like students that learn better when they are able to see whats going on. “This is allowing educators to demonstrate something they could not show in any other way. Yet as technology changes rapidly, teachers need support in adapting their practice, and school principals need support to help teachers use technology” (Ed, 2014). Teachers also need to learn how to use the technology before they decide to teach there students.

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